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Going to exhbition

We can participate to exhibitions within a reasonable distance from the storage place of the layouts. It is possible to go everywhere in Belgium, northern France (59/62/08/54/57) , center-west Germany, south of the Netherlands, Luxembourg or any places that could be proposed and examined.

But let first talk about logistic:

Language: We are speeking (some fluently) French, Dutch, English, German, Italian and some snippets of other European languages. Being able to speak with visitors and organizers in their language is always a plus.

Transportation: For transportation of Tennoji II, we unfortunately have to rent a van but we may not support the costs. There is no question of making money on the backs of the organizers, but it is not possible to bear these costs ourselves. For the micro layouts, they can without problems take place in our car. For long distances, we like that the costs of fuel are shared.

Accommodation: The question is of course a problem of time and miles. 1:30 hour drive is the maximum possible to go back home every night. This basically covers all of central Belgium. For more distant destinations, accommodation covered by the organizers is expected.

Food: Exhibiting is always a long and stressing job specially when we constantly communicate with the public as we love to do it. A snack and some drinks for lunch is always welcome.


Tennoji II is a Japanese N scale 1 / 150 interurban style layout. It shows a Japanese private company. The electrified line runs from the city, along the coast and ends in a village, place of the depot and the storage yard of the company. The city is also the starting point for local and long-distance railcars which follow the line of the national railways.

Tosaden / Manyosen is a Japanese N scale 1 / 150 micro layout of 0.64 m². His name is formed by the names of two private companies in Japan. Two rural tram lines in a different style make the two faces of this micro layout: street and along the street  running for the Tosaden side, reservation track, passing loop and small depot on the Manyosen side. Generally we support the layout with a showcase or a workshop. The workshop can be, according to the needs and undergoing projects, making poles, overhead, mounting brass, resin or plastic kit, painting and installation of DCC decoder.

In preparation: Shin-Onsen is a new (shin) layout, also in the Japanese N scale, based on the "suitcase/crate" concept. It represents the neighbourhood of an upper hill spa (onsen) resort with access from the station of the little town down in the valley through a mountainous line with a switchback. During 2012 this layout will still be in the construction process and this will be a further interest for the visitors.

Director: We support the layout with pictures showing places or inspiration for the layout. The pictures are presented on a computer or on paper, accompanied by a multilingual description of the layout and maps. We only need tables for us and a 220 V power outlet for the layout.


N - Tennoji II,
the new Japanses layout


N - Tosaden / Manyosen,
interurban in Japan


We believe in all modesty that our layout are out of the ordinary. Layouts that show trams are not common in shows. And Japanese layout are even more rare. It's a safe bet that visitors of your exhibition have never seen a Japanese layout, or perhaps ours. We have done our best to build these out of the routine layouts in meeting the criteria of quality expected in today's best model railroading shows.

Please contact us at cb @ train-tram. Be


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